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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Soy Soft™ Organic Soy Lip Butter Review and Giveaway - 3 Winners!!!! at Organicgirl.ca

Toronto-born mom Sonia Bonanno founded Soy Soft™as an all-natural and organic alternative to commercial skin care products containing harmful pesticides and chemicals such as petroleum byproducts (e.g., mineral oil, paraffin, petrolatum), which are carcinogenic and harmful to the skin. She also wanted to participate in the fair trade initiative to help workers in underdeveloped countries, where parents
often find it hard to provide for their children. A trained esthetician, Sonia knew the beneficial properties of soybeans, and thus uses soy as a base for her entire skincare line, which includes a baby and diaper cream containing organic Sea
Buckthornberry, which heals the skin and helps prevent diaper rash. At Soy Soft™, they know that your skin is important to you. 

Therefore, keeping it healthy and helping the planet and its people is important to them.
 Soy Soft skin care products offer an alternative to mass-produced skin care lines
currently on the market. Their products are all natural, containing only organic
and fair trade ingredients without chemicals (including pesticides and petroleum
 byproducts), which means no dyes, perfumes or preservatives. This ensures the finest
 quality is delivered to you, and you’ll feel good about helping families in the
developing world too.

I am a fan lip balms/butters/gloss you name it,  and I love to use them especially at this time of year. Soy Soft™ has a variety of great products and one is a selection of Lip Butters that will make you drool.  I was sent the Almond Vanilla Soy Lip Butter and I knew by just the name,  it was going to be good. I like all natural ingredients so I was thrilled to be able to review this lip butter.  It is super creamy,  fluffy yet thick as a little goes along long way. The first things you will notice when opening this butter is the aroma of Vanilla and Almonds. Not only does it smell amazing, it works very well, it goes on very smooth and does not have a greasy feel to it. Only a dab is all you need of this as it is  wonderful and addicting to use. Soy makes for such a great lip butter.

Did you know?
Soy has long been known to contain many health benefits when consumed.
However, it is now gaining popularity for use in cosmetics due to its
 high levels of isoflavones or antioxidants, which help fight wrinkles
and age spots and is rich in vitamin E, a natural moisturizer, keeping skin
youthful-looking and healthy. It also heals dry skin,
 which is essential for both adults and babies.
At Soy Soft™ all items are made to order to ensure freshness and quality of ingredients.
 Due to their lack of preservatives, they suggest using within 2 months of purchase and to keep Soy Soft products away from heat and direct sunlight.
 Products are not tested on animals and no animal ingredients are used. This was a wonderful Review opportunity, I like promoting Organic, Natural, good things-Thank you Soy Soft for the awesome sponsorship here at Organic Girl.
~The Giveaway~
Soy Soft™ is generously giving a Vanilla Almond Soy Soft Lip Butter to Three Organic Girl Entrants!! 
~To Enter~
Visit Soy Soft™ and choose your favorite product and flavor, come back here and leave your comment at the link below

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