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Monday, October 4, 2010


TumbleWeed Bead Co.  
Entries:  380
Winner:#1 112 8/27/2010  9:48:01     Deedles  djea******@gmail.com
I love the turquoise and coral necklace.
Winner: #2   9/27/2010  11:22:54  Shelly H   joyfulgi*****@gmail.com  Im a subscriber.
Nacho Mama 
Entries:  427
Winner: 330  9/21/2010  Stephanie L  steph****@hotmail.com  #2 http.//twitter.com/stephy905/status/25151382404  

Carolyns Kitchen 
Entries:  457
Winner: 394  Jan lar*****@nexi****.net  9/27/2010  17:53:51  I really like the holiday sparkle and the wildcat pink, hard to pick. Thanks 

Truly Organic 
Entries:  415
Winner: #1   Hoa Le  9/26/2010  17:52:32  alittlep*****@yahoo.com Mandatory  I love the yahoo.com  Berry Red Check color.   
Winner: #2  Sonia   forever*****hotmail.com  https://twitter.com/soapsbysonia/status/23189540141

Fantasy Jewelry Box
Entries:  642
Winner: 152  
9/2/2010  16:56:35   Debra B deb****yahoo.com
I tweeted the Giveaway http://twitter.com/deb126/status/22829219580  

 Bella Beachwear  
Entries:  269
Winner 252 
9/28/2010  0:42:40  Cathy H   cathyguita******@yahoo.com  Follow w/GFC #1

Revolution Oranics 
Entries:  718
Winner: #1  Adriana  9/18/2010 muchod******@hotmail.com  Daily Tweet https://twitter.com/adriana/1954/status/24876574422
Winner: #2  Jessica  jessica******@hotmail.com   Following Revoultion on Twitter @hongdoufantuan
Winner: #3  8/16/2010  11:40:11  Halifax  juan*******@yahoo.com  Following Todays Diva Blog #2

Congratulations Winners, I will have the rest of the winners picked soon:)


  1. its so exciting to be a winner, Thank you so much for offering all your great giveaways,

  2. Congratulations All.