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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Waves of Gratitude

The pieces offered by Waves of Gratitude were designed with the intention to be a touchstone or anchor to allow you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, or what you are trying to accomplish.  The pieces of inspiring jewelry were designed to keep the founders grounded in a state of gratitude while trying to get their company off the ground. 
Waves of Gratitude is trying to create a WAVE of GRATITUDE and positive energy. Trying to reach 1 million people and spread the ripple effect into a full force WAVE. 
 About the Company
Waves of Gratitude, founded by Cheryl Nordyke and Kim Wierman, is a company that exists because of their belief that when life presents you with professional and personal difficulties a strong foundation of gratitude can help turn those difficulties into opportunities. That is exactly what Cheryl and Kim did.
Their resolve to build a future based on a foundation of gratitude was unwavering. They created an online store to give everyone the opportunity to “wear” powerful symbols of gratitude: jewelry and apparel that is not only beautiful but has meaning.
Solid sterling silver Inspired Jewelry by Waves of Gratitude brings you four eye-catching bracelet styles and three gorgeous necklace options to showcase the stylish Branches of Hope pendants with a variety of Swarovski crystal color accents, an elegant ocean-inspired design from the Create-A-Wave collection, or a unique combination of the jewelry that will inspire people to remember the importance of expressing gratitude.
Stylish Signature Tops in the Inspired Apparel collection available exclusively from Waves of Gratitude help people remember how empowering it is to wear designer tops made to personalize the concepts of hope, love, legacy, creativity, optimism, inspiration, confidence and awakening that make everyone beautiful inside and out.
 For Review Waves of Gratitude sent me a wonderful Necklace. Silver is a favorite of mine and I really like wearing this one alot. It is very simple,  yet very meaningful. 
The Nature Wave Necklace, The elegant design of this solid .925 sterling silver pendant reminds people about the importance of expressing gratitude for nature. 
This piece represents the world around us and what an important part nature plays in everyone’s life. Perfect as a gift for the outdoor enthusiast, gardener or the friend that reminds you to stop and smell the roses. The Nature Wave can be worn alone or combined with other waves from the Create-A-Wave Collection to add a special touch to any outfit. {$75.00}
Thank you Waves of Gratitude for the Wonderful Review Opportuniyt. 
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