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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Curel® Targeted Therapy® for hand and Cuticles and Curel® Targeted Therapy® for feet Review!!

The experts at Curel® skincare know what it means to have dry skin. It's more than a state of being...it's a state of mind. 
When you have dry, itchy, skin, all you can think about is how to find comfort and relief and freedom from dry skin.  I work with my hands in a very dry dusty environment and my hands alot suffer from severe dry cracked skin.  I was sent Curel® Targeted Therapy® for hand and Cuticles and Curel® Targeted Therapy® for feet and it is perfect for this very problem. Curel® Targeted Therapy® creams formulated especially for hard-working hands and feet that need extra care. The fast-absorbing Curél® Targeted Therapy® Hand & Cuticle Cream lasts through hand washings and instantly relieves dry, tight skin. Rough cuticles are softened with just one use, and hands stay soft and smooth - never greasy - even through several hand washings.  I really noticed a difference after using Curél® Targeted Therapy® hand and Foot Cream for a few nights.  Featuring highly emollient shea butter, rich coconut milk, and naturally healing vitamin E.  It is easy to use and smells great. It dries very well and leaves a non-greasy feel. {A bonus as I really do not like to have greasy hands or feet!!} I like the drying time on both prodcuts and I would recomment this to anyone with dry hands and feet.
The Curél® skincare experts know that the answer to dry skin is the full line of dermatologist-tested moisture lotions for all skin types; specially formulated and clinically proven to comfort dry skin.  The answer to dry skin is their full line of therapeutic moisturizers for all skin types. They are specially formulated with a cationic formula and clinically proven to relieve and renew extra dry and irritated skin. Their advanced formulas not only help restore your skin to a more beautiful state; but more importantly, they allow you to be your best self, carefree and confident, 24 hours a day.
Other Lines:
There are Curél® moisture lotions for every skin need, from Curel®'s Continuous Comfort® lotion that helps protect dry skin by sealing in moisture with time-released moisturizers for 24 hours, to Ultra Healing™ with extra-strength skin hydrators for the driest winter days.
The Natural Healing™ line offers efficacious formulas with botanical extracts like honey vanilla, and shea butter help dry skin heal itself, while green tea and aloe revitalize, and lavender, oatmeal, and chamomile sooth and comfort.
And new Curél® Life's Stages® is the first and only skincare line created to meet the changing needs of women's skin over time — through pregnancy and motherhood, the first signs of aging, and menopause and beyond. Each product was specially formulated for the distracting skin issues that come with each phase of life.
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