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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Volcanic Earth Vanuatu Traditional Melanesian Skin Care Review & Giveaway

Welcome to Volcanic Earth - Your Source for Tamanu Oil For Acne Cure And the Finest Organic Skin Care Based on the
Healing and Restorative Powers of Tamanu Oil, Virgin
Coconut Oil and Volcanic Ash Products.
Vanuatu is a chain of volcanic islands set in the exotic West South Pacific, between Fiji and New Caledonia. This ancient land is one of the few places on Earth where you can enter into a culture that goes back thousands of years and connect with the natural world.
The people of Vanuatu are Melanesians, whose ancestrial traditions include custom medicine and tropical first aid to treat a wide range of aliments and troublesome skin conditions.
Drawing on these traditional Melanesian treatments, Volcanic Earth offers a unique range of organic skin care products from volcanic body scrubs, volcanic pumice exfoliants, moisturizing coconut oils, sensual Frangipani and Vanilla delights, silky coconut soaps, anti-aging moisturizers to the ever-amazing Tamanu Oil range of products and Virgin Coconut Oil skin care.
Beauty From Deep Within The Earth!

Local healers (klevas) use custom medicine and tropical first aid to treat a wide range of aliments from how to get rid of acne fast, scarring, liver spots, age spots and other skin blemishes to eczema, tropical uclers, sunburn, cramping, psoriasis, inflamation through to the relief of muscular pain, neuralgia, sciatica, rheumatism and a multitude of troublesome skin conditions. Where modern medicine fails, the traditional health remedies of the Melanesians have much to offer.
The indigenous Melanesians and Polynesians have been aware of the wonderful regenerative and curative properties of Tamanu Oil for centuries. So much so, they regard it as one of nature’s sacred gifts.
No wonder it is sometimes referred to as the Sacred Oil Of Tamanu or Green Gold! I was so lucky to be sent a Tamanu Oil Gift Pack for Review!
Tamanu Oil 50ml, Tamanu Butter 80gm
Tamanu Roll On 12ml and Tamanu Soap
PLUS wrapped in bio-degradable gift box 
 These are the most amazing products I have had the pleasure of Ever reveiwing. The Tamanu Set of products I was sent are beyone what I ever expected.  To start with you never now when you are going to have a cut or scrape but in my house that can be pretty much alot with 4 kids. But this time my Dear Hubby had the perfect timing for this Review.  So a few days back, my Hubby cracked the bottom of his foot one day when I am at work. It is seriously cracked on the bottom wide enough to need a bandaid and make him totally uncomfortable. So he tries out the Roll On Oil on to see if that would help as this is a super sore spot and he 'd had enough of it . Well to begin it took the sting away and releaved his foot enough to  be able to put the bandaid on and walk.  A few days into using the Roll On Oil his foot is completely healed. The Tamanu Oil  the most amazing first aid treatment I have ever seen. I have cuts from work and I apply this at the end of my day and they heal so well  it is amazing, it takes the sting out and sooths the skin so well.
I honestly did not think a product like this could work as well as an over the counter name brand and the best part other than being Organic it worked 100x better than most name brands I have tried. 
Tamanu Oil is a unique skin care remedy that speeds up the healing of wounds through stimulating the formation of brand new skin cells, Fantastic for the growth of healthy, soft, glowing skin. This magic oil is also effective for the treatment of cuts, burns, insect bites, acne, scarring, psoriasis, diabetic sores, neuralgia, sunburn, eczema, herpes sores, foot/body odor, age spots, stretch marks..and the list goes on! 

Volcanic Earth has managed to make some impact on the global market for natural/organic skin care products selling to individual consumers around the world from Ireland, the UK, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Singapore, Dubai, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, both the North and South islands of New Zealand and virtually every State and Territory in Australia, the USA and Canada.It is through the use of real volcanic ash that Volcanic Earth seeks to harness and incorporate the earth’s energy into its flagship all natural "Elementals" skin care range utilizing volcanic ash skin benefits, volcanic pumice and the Tamanu Oil benefits for skin healing and anti-aging.
Vanuatu is also one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is known for its natural waterways, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and spectacular sunsets. This magical country is an untouched paradise, virtually free of pollution, pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers or insecticides. Everything seems to grow and flourish here in the rich volcanic soils and high rainfalls. Crops are grown organically without the need for chemicals.
Did You Know????
In 2004, Vanuatu was chosen by the producers of the American TV “Survivor” Program as the location for its “Survive The Islands Of Fire” reality TV series.
The name "Vanuatu" means 'Land Eternal' and it's people are predominantly Melanesian. The Ni Vanuatu have populated these volcanic islands for centuries with more than 115 distinctly different cultures and languages still thriving here. There are also small communities of French, British, Australian, New Zealand, Vietnamese, Chinese and other Pacific Island people living in harmony with the Ni Vanuatu. As such, Vanuatu is recognised as one of the most diverse countries in the world.
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