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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Head Organics Review!

Head Organics formulas are free of harsh detergents and polluting chemicals to keep both hair and environment pure and natural. With world-class research and development, access to global ingredients and true “green chemistry,” this 100% vegan and gluten-free hair care line offers standout performance in both personal grooming and personal responsibility for the environment. Each product is masterfully blended with naturally derived, certified organic active ingredients, botanical extracts, essential fatty acids, glycerin, vegetable oils, natural proteins and coconut.
So how do you create the first natural colored, pH-balanced shampoo? Simple – you take two very creative L.A. hairstylists (who were tired of inferior shampoo products which did hair more harm than good) and watch them whip up the first acid-balanced, alcohol free shampoo right there in the garage. Glamorous? No. Successful? You bet. Their clients fell in love with this shampoo – and with a healthy, happy and pH-balanced head of hair who wouldn’t?
So what to do next? Take it to the world, of course. They packaged their shampoo in simple, beige containers and sold it at head and paraphernalia shops. People couldn’t get enough of it (remember the “healthy, happy pH-balanced head of hair stuff?). From the garage to the head shop – this is how Head Shampoo was born.
Becoming one of the all-time leaders in the natural product industry was nice – and having Head Shampoo take the market by storm and become the favorite of health food stores all over California wasn’t bad either – but Head Shampoo didn’t stop there. Today, Head Shampoo continues providing natural, high performance and quality products at reasonable prices that consumers can trust.
Great for your hair. Great for the planet.
• Formulated with Certified Organic Ingredients
• Free of Parabens, Sulfates, Glycol, Gluten and 1,4-Dioxane
• Safe on chemically treated hair
• Not tested on Animals
I have been so excited about getting this Review out. I was recently sent a wonderful Box from Head Organics and all I can say is that I LOVE all of these products alot!!
For the past Month I have used this set of products sent by Head Organics and I love the look and feel of my hair. It is clean, smells amazing like fresh water.  It is a clean smell that is so wonderful and addicting. No berrys here it is just amazing.  The Two Key ingredients are what make the Shampoo and Conditioner a favorite??
Certified Organic Green & White Tea Extracts – Green Tea Extract is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. It also neutralizes free radicals and prevents environmental pollutants from affecting the scalp and skin. White Tea Extract is used in Oriental anti-aging preparations and to revitalize and cleanse hair shaft.
 I have also noticed that my hair stays Cleaner longer. I work in an extremely dusty environment and I find that my hair really stands up to the elements.  I also notice my hair has wonderful natural volume after using the shampoo and conditioner.  The conditioner is thick and it instantly smooths the hair making it silky soft. Super hard to believe the effect it has on my hair and its ORGANIC!!Fortified with pro-vitamin B5, Aloe and Soy Protein to leave hair softer and more manageable. I have fallen for this set of products and I am hooked on both the shampoo and conditioner.  I also notice it lasts so a full size bottle will provide you with super hair for a few weeks, another bonus to fine looking hair.  
Head Organics Styling Product List
***Also a favorite of Mine!! This is a wonderful non sticky Conditoner and I really like this on damp hair. It really leaves a nice scent to your hair.***
255 ml (8.62 fl. oz.)
A light, nutritious, non-greasy formula to nourish your hair from root to tip. Calms static and fly-aways, protects from damage.
250 ml (8.62 fl. oz.)Finishing; Maximum, all day hold minus the over stiffness and stickiness. Leaves hair feeling soft and natural.
250 ml (8.45 fl. oz.);Defining
Sets soft curls, defines, lifts and styles without over stiffness. Helps protect hair from heat damage.
59g (20 oz.);Texturizing
The ultimate tool for styling, holding, defining and texturizing your hair!
50ml (20 fl. oz.);Smoothing
Adds shine, calms static and fly-aways, protects from damage. Ultra-light so it won't weigh down hair, leaving it soft and sleek. Again this is a must for getting the frizzy out and I like using this with the Flat Iron!!  Super nice to use!  All of Head Organics Styling products are top quality and will NOT leave your hair heavy , sticky or greasy. Head Organics is a definate favorite of mine. I like the fresh scent and if your like me I have super long hair that does not need to be weighted down by all that extra stuff , Head Organics is a definate brand I would recommend!!
To buy : Visit http://www.headorganics.com/
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