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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Clearogen Review and Giveaway Ends May 17, 2010

Men and women of all ages around the globe struggle with unpleasant, and often embarrassing, acne. If you have tested the claims of other acne treatments without success, try Clearogen’s natural acne treatment and experience smooth, clear, and healthy skin.
 Clearogen acne products are the first to treat acne at the root of its formation. The acne medication used in the over-the-counter Clearogen system contains a mixture of scientifically proven natural ingredients that work successfully to treat existing acne and prevent future breakouts.  

Many existing acne treatments, however effective, are considered “spot treatments” that only treat the existing symptoms of acne. Popular acne products are often quite harsh and may actually worsen acne by irritating the skin or drying it out completely. Clearogen, however, works on a hormonal level. By reducing the production of the hormone DHT (Dihydro-Testosterone), which stimulates oil that clogs pores and leads to breakouts, Clearogen acne treatments stop acne from forming in its beginning stages.
With regular use over time, Clearogen’s acne medication effectively regulates the amount of DHT produced by healthy skin, something no other over-the-counter medication can claim.

Clearogen is a powerful new acne treatment formulated by Board Certified dermatologist, Dr. Alex Khadavi. Unlike other acne solutions that simply treat the symptoms, Clearogen uses an anti-DHT formula combined with natural ingredients to clear existing blemishes, penetrate deep within the skin to prevent more blemishes and restore skin to its natural beauty and radiance. When you use this scientifically proven, FDA-approved 3 step acne control treatment, you will see fast results and a noticeable difference. The Clearogen acne solution is designed to treat existing breakouts and prevent future blemishes. Using a mixture of the safest and most effective prescription grade ingredients and natural botanical extracts, Clearogen is scientifically proven to improve your skin from the inside out. Formulated by Board Certified Dr. Alex Khadavi, Clearogen has been tested meticulously to ensure that it is tough on your acne and gentle on your skin.
I have to admit there are times even at my age where I can break out like a teenager! Honestly; I really get frustrated so I had had my eye on a few Acne Systems of couse I was thrilled to be sent the Clearogen System about a month ago for Review. 
 I started using this a few weeks ago and what I like the most it the noticeable difference on my pores.  They are alot smaller, those aweful Black heads are really pretty much gone and my face seems to be alot less oily. The other plus to this product is the nice mild smell. Nothing strong its very neutral , great for both genders. The Moisturizing Cream is very nice and I have to admit not oily at all, it absorbed very well and I like the medicated properties to this. I like having nice skin and this is a great product to use.  I also notice that since I have been using Clearogen that my face really recovers faster when I get a small pimple and leaves it really clear. Honestly sometimes you have to use a Non-Organic system to battle hormonal issues and your complexion.

Clearogen is an over-the-counter acne solution that treats acne at its root causes by balancing the skin’s oil production and normalizing DHT levels. By regularly using the 3 step Foaming Cleanser, Clarifying Toner and Acne Lotion, Clearogen national acne treatment works by:
1.Inhibiting the conversion of Testosterone to DHT, thereby reducing excess oil production.
2.Blocking Androgen Receptors to prevent the stimulation of oil glands.
3.Opening the pores to attack bacteria, reducing pore redness and inflammation and allowing skin to heal from the inside out. 

This Simply System Consists of Three Easy Steps.
1. Foaming Cleanser: For use with all skin types, Clearogen’s foaming cleaner uses a mixture of gentle botanical extracts that removes acne-causing dirt, oil, makeup and bacteria while maintaining the optimal skin / moisture balance. Botanical extracts revitalize the skin while preventing breakouts.
2 Clarifying Toner: The toner helps prevent and treat acne in all skin types. Simply apply all over the face using a cotton swab and the toner will remove all impurities that clog pores. The toner revitalizes skin by balancing oil production and reducing pore size, redness and irritation for smoother, silkier skin. Botanical extracts increase skin renewal for silkier, smoother skin.

3  Acne Lotion: The lotion is one of their most popular acne products. Unlike heavy lotions that can make skin feel oily, the Clearogen acne lotion is lightweight enough for all skin types. The shine-free moisturizer protects the surface of the skin by clarifying the pore and reducing redness and irritation. Clearogen Acne Lotion also prevents future breakouts by balancing oil production and addressing the root cause of the acne. Clearogen Acne Lotion is light weight, shine free moisturizer that protects the skin by reducing redness, irritation while clarifying the pore. Clearogen lotion clears existing acne and helps prevent future breakouts before they surface on the skin, leaving skin softer and smoother. Other acne lotions available today are designed primarily to clear the pimples with harsh lotions and creams that can cause redness or irritation. Clearogen Acne Lotion clears existing skin while preventing future breakouts by addressing the root cause of the skin condition.
For more information regarding Acne control and prevention, visit their FAQs page.
To purchase your own Clearogen System simply visit.
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