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Thursday, March 18, 2010

SAMPAR - Urban Express Mousse Review

Healthy skin is luminous, toned, balanced and perfectly moisturized. However, on a daily basis, the skin is constantly exposed to pollution in the forn of heavy metals, ciggarette smoke and exhaust fumes.  These impurities attach to the skin and mix with the natural oils, generating free radicals and aggressive toxins. Due to the aggressive nature of these pollutants, the skin's natural defenses are quickly overwhelmed and weakened. When present in excessive quantities, free radicals, toxins and heavy metals attack cell membranes andcause irreversible damage such as DNA breakdown and cellular decease. 
The balance of the skin is disruped: 
The skin becomes inflamed and red: it becomes warm and easily irritated
The Cells become dehydrated: the skin dries out and loses its natural flexiblility 
The skin thickens, the pores become clogged and black spots appear. 
Cellur renewal is slowed down and the skin ages prematurely. 
The Result: dull, tired, and distressed skin.

SAMPAR has invented the essential product to ensure healthy skin in the city:  The Urban Express Mousse

Why is the Urban Mousse so unique?  
Enriched with the *Urban Advance Complex, a powerful and indispensable antioxidant shield, the Urban Express Mousse exhibits enhanced skin care performance:
  • Redness, stinging, irritation and other signs of inflammation are instantly soothed.
  • Chlorine, nicotine and heavy metals found in polluted air are absorbed
  • Toxins and free radicals generated by pollution are rapidly neutralized

(*Urban Advanced Complex ingredients: Shea Extract- which protects the skin against inflammatory reactions, Mint Extract- reduces redness, tingling sensations and irritations, Sweet Probiotic Extract- restores the skin's natural defenses)
Urban Express Mousse strenghtens the natural defenses of the skin and reactivates vital cellular energy.
Geranium essential oil, balances the skin's production of sebum and creates a synergistic anti-inflammatory complex with the Urban Advance Complex. Additionally, it produces an effective antibacterial action which purifies an detoxifies the skin. An immediate acting treatment, the Urban Express Mousse is a simple and fast method to detoxify the skin eliminating even the smalllest particles of pollution that suffocate it. 
The Result:
The skin is illuminated, regenerated and revitalized. 
The texture of the skin is refined and balanced. 
Essentials-Urban Mousse {$34.00/100ml}
The New Urban Essentials combats dull skin, brightening and fortifying the face.
I really like a lot about this product.  For one its perfect for all skin types when a radiance boost is required. Its is very very easy to use, the high tech pump creates a rich and creamy mousse works really well and all you need is a pump or two and you have enough to properly clean your face.  
Secondly your skin simply feels fresh, clean and soft when you use this product.  I have consisenly used it for a few weeks mixing it up with my other facial routine and I really like how it works with my skin. It is a really nice product to use and the scent of Rose and Geranium really lovely.  It really gets to the pores on your face and that for me that is what a good cleansing product is all about. This also does not leave your skin dry like some cleansers can.

This Wonderful Product is Now Available and Sampars's full product line can be purchasesd at the 4 Toronto Sears locations if you are in the Toronto Area {Science & Nature: Toronto Eaton Cenre, Scarborough Town Centre, Mapleview Mall and Mississauga Square One}  
and as well as several independant boutiques. 

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  1. I need to find something new for my skin. This time of year is very difficult because I am so dry and flaky, not to mention very mellow yellow.

    Tiffany http://liferequiresmorechocolate.blogspot.com