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Monday, February 22, 2010

Yves Rocher- Cure Solutions Skin Care Line Giveaway Ends April 8, 2010

Yves Rocher is The Creator of Botanical Beauty. Yves Rocher's Botanical Beauty is a unique beauty exerience that offers greater performance, enjoyment and respect. Its a botanical and scientific approach that uses the power of plants to create highly effective skincare and body care products. Its also beauty that's generous, that conveys sensations: colous, textures, scents.Its allows you to travel through time, across cultures and around the world thanks to its perfumes and makeup. Its ethical beauty that respects women and the environment from the plant to the skin.  Active Extracts, impeccable formulas, botanical beauty is al profession, their profession . The plant world is at the heart of all their formulas since 50 years.
It's by being at once Grower, Manufacturer and Distrubutor since 1959 and therefore mastering the entriety of the chain that Yves Roches is able to offer quality products at an accessible price to all women. The company distributes its products throught its three sales channels including more than 1600 stores and spas, its catalogue, the Green Book of Beauty distributed in 90 countries and its online sales sites. 
More than 80% of the causes of aging skin are linked to the environment and to lifestyle.

Yves Rocher has created Cure Solutions, a skin care line to counter these external factore. These include changes in season, aggressive and polluted environments, constant stress, fatigue and overwork. This powerhouse skin care line is suitable for women of all ages because these external factors begin to act on the skin very early on. The products are cures to be used as complements to the skin care products you use all year long. There are two types of cure: Cure Solutions Anti-Aggressions with Moringa Peptides, powerful shields of active ingredients that block environmental aggressors, and Cure Solutions Anti-Fatigue with Red Vine Polyphenols, which tone the skin and irrigate it with renewed energy.

Cure Solutions Anti-Aggressions- Stop Aggressions and save the youthful beauty of your skin. Our skin is constantly under attack from environmental aggressors. Pollution, free radicals and thermal extremes tarnish the beauty of your skin throughtout the day.  Yves Rocher is breaking fresh, new ground with a new botanical active ingredient called Moringa Peptides, molecules with the ability to fight against environmental aggressors that accelerate the skin aging process. In Africa, the Moringa has been  nicknamed "the miracle tree" for its healing leaves, its nourishing fruit, and its seeds that have the extraordinary power to clarify water filled with dust and impurities and make it clean enough to drink. It is at the heart of these seeds that Yves Rocher Botanical Beauty reseach has isolated Moringa Peptides, against skin oxidation and prevent polluting particals from sticking to your skin.
The cells are effectively protected and the skin defends its youthfulness every day.
Yves Rocher is generously Giving One Today's Diva Entrant the Complete Cure Solutions Line!! This includes Anti-Asphyxiation Flash Mask ($38),  24hr Antioxidant Shield Serum ($58), and lastly Cure Solutions 24 hr Vitality Skin Care ($52)  

Anti-Asphyxiation Flash Mask
Every day, your skin must deal with asphyxiating skin aggressors suspended in the air, such as exhaust fumes, irritating particles and dust. These physically suffocate and asphyxiation Flash Mask, enriched with Moringa Pepides, de-aspphyxiates, soothes and frees your skin of dust and polluting particles.  Your complextion regains its luminosity.
In just minutes, Anti-Asphyxiation Flash Mask, enriched with Moringa Peptids:
-Combats suffocation and rids the skin of dust and polluting particles
-Soothes wrinkles
Brightens your complexion
The features are smoothed and relaxed and the skin’s texture is refined.
 The plus :
Its delicious texture and its instant “breath of fresh air” effect on your face. Use once weekly all-year round or more often when needed, to detox and prep skin to receive benefits of regular skin care.
Anti-agression secret: To reinforce the “magnetic” effect of this mask, leave it to act for 5 minutes, then massage your face with your fingertips in small circular movements. This helps rid your skin of even the most stubborn particles. Rinse with clear water.
 What women say*:
A real breath of fresh air. I feel like I spent the afternoon walking in the country.
It’s like an apricot-tinted foam that relaxes my skin.
My skin breathes.
24 hr Antioxidant Shield Serum
 Shield Serum 24H Antioxidant ($56) This smooth serum fuses to your skin like a sheath for even closer protection. Its powdery , silky, finish makes an excellent base for makeup. Used everyday for one month, alone or as a pre-treatment, this serum will smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, strenghten your skin and revive your complexion. This Shield Serum is enriched with Moringa Peptids. It also helps repair the damage caused to skin. In 1 month, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed, the skin is visibly reinforced and the complexion is revived.
The Plus :Its silky yet powdery finish makes it an excellent make-up base.
1.0 fl.oz./30 ml pump-bottle
Apply daily under Day and/or Night Cream to protect and repair skin, intensifying the benefits of your skin care routine.
If using the serum as preparatory care, wait a few minutes before applying your day cream to give the serum a chance to diffuse in the epidermis and fully play its shielding role.
What women say:
“It’s soothing, like a shield for my skin against environmental aggressions.”
“It’s a protective serum that I can forget about under my day or night cream.”
“With this serum, it’s as if my skin managed abrupt temperature changes all by itself.”

Yves Rocher Botanical Beauty research has opted for Red Vine Leaf extract, naturally rich in Polyphenols, and proven its effectivess in fighting skin-aging fatigue. Traditionally recognized for its toning properties(stimulates the body's internal irrigation system), this leaf contains polyphenols, which have the ability to strengthen the small vessels. Powerful skin stimulants, these polyphenols flood the skin with revitalizing nutrients and help promote irrigation on a deep level, leaving your skin visibly free of signs of fatigue.
Cure Solutions 24H Vitality Skin Care is enriched with Red Vine Polyphenols that has the ability to promote in-depth irrigation and give your skin a boost of revitalizing nutrients. In one month it:
Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
Eliminates signs of fatigue
Revitalizes the skin
The Plus : The dense texture and stimulating scent of this day and night formula floods the skin with revitalizing vigor.
The effect is spectacular, and so is the sensation!
Anti-fatigue secret: Before applying 24H Vitality Skin Care, bring blood to the surface of the skin by tapping your face three times with the palms of your hands. As it flows along the surface of the epidermis the blood fills with a maximum of active ingredients and your skin reaps the benefits.
The secret of the action of Red Vine Polyphenols against fatigue: With its many branches, tendrils and veins, the Red Vine is a plant with a strong, dense network. Traditionally known for its vein-toning properties, the vine’s leaves contain Polyphenols with the ability to reinforce the resistance of small blood vessels in the skin. Yves Rocher Cosmétique Végétale Research has selected an extract of the Red Vine leaf which is naturally rich in Polyphenols, and has proved is effectiveness in combating fatigue that ages the skin. An important cutaneous microcirculation stimulant, it gives the skin a boost of revitalizing nutrients and promotes in-depth irrigation. The skin is freed of its visible signs of fatigue. Its youthful look is preserved. 
What women say:
"My skin is more elastic, my complexion less dull, my signs of fatigue don’t seem as deep"
"The wrinkle above my nose is reduced, there’s no doubt about it!"
"It’s spectacular, it awakens something, instantly"
"My skin is radiant"
Since 1959, Yves Rocher has secured more than 50 patents and over thirty new botanical actives are created and developed by our researchers every year. 
Thank you Yves Rocher for sponsoring this Wonderful Giveawy at Today's Diva!
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Yves Rocher is Generoulsy Giving One Today's Diva Entrant all Three Products from The Cure Solutions Skin Care Line!!
This includes Anti-Asphyxiation Flash Mask ($38),  24hr Antioxidant Shield Serum ($56), and lastly Cure Solutions 24 hr Vitality Skin Care ($52)  
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