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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TipTopHealthShop.ca Valentines Giveaway at Organicgirl.ca

TipTopHealthShop.ca is a Canadian online health store, a favorite at Organic Girl.
Proudly Canadian, Tiptophealthshop.ca is dedicated to bringing you the finest natural and organic products for your health, home and beauty needs at great prices. 

What is TipTopHealthshop.ca I think Taryn the owner says it best
"Tiptophealthshop.ca began as a simple idea in March of 2008. Carry fabulous natural, organic, Earth-friendly products that do no harm to our world and the wonderful creatures, human and non-human, that inhabit it! Keep it simple and inexpensive, reducing and reusing resources where ever possible. In early 2009 I discovered 1% for the Planet and the great financial contribution they were enabling environmentally conscious companies to make . Then tough economic times gave me the impetus and more time to put my idea into practice, so I refined my objectives and got to work. With a background in customer service, human resources, marketing, years of e-commerce on eBay, as well as a passion for herbal and alternative medicine, organic gardening, sustainable living and all things green, I started Tiptophealthshop.ca with several goals in mind:
* To offer the finest natural and organic products available
* To seek out companies who are actively committed, as I am, to green products, green business practices, Fair Trade and sustainable living
* To promote Canadian brands wherever possible
* To offer the best possible prices
* To offer fast shipping, reusing packing materials whenever possible
* To offer great customer service
* To make a real difference to help the environment, by making a financial commitment to give back to our Earth before the first order was placed and from here on in
* To constantly and consciously seek to reduce my carbon footprint
* And to demonstrate that earning a living while being environmentally responsible is not just possible, but easy when you choose to associate with people and companies that share those values.
It's all good! Good for you, good for your family & good for the Planet!
Taryn Creighton  "

TipTopHealthShop.ca  is generously giving One Organic Girl entrant a Nice Valentines Giveaway Treat to sooth and comfort the body.

Stimulating to the nervous system and brings about better oxygenation and a state of euphoria.
Active ingredients:
The ginseng is a traditional stimulant and the ylang-ylang is euphoric. Together the cinnamon and the ginger act as tonics and delicious aphrodisiacs.
The ginseng aroma, very present at first, is followed by the prickly Indian spices which titillate the senses. On cold winter evenings, nothing can compare to the heat and the delight of such a bath.
The Sensual Shower Gel has similar properties and is available in 360ml bottles.

 TipTopHealthShop.ca is a wonderful family owned, family run Canadian Store. When you shop at tiptophealthshop.ca, you get fabulous products, great service, save money and you help to save our Planet! It's all good!

~The Giveaway~
TipTopHealthShop.ca is Giving one lucky Organic Girl entrant a  Druide - Certified Organic Sensual Foaming Bath