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Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweet Organics and Naturals Review

Today a majority of us spend alot of time on the web either shopping or browsing for products, looking for gift ideas and shopping for those specialty products you can not find anywhere else. It saves you time, as you can shop 24 hrs a day , 7 days a weeks at your own conveinience. You can order what you want when you want at the fraction of the cost.  I recently came across Sweet Organics And Naturals and I was really taken with the selection of Gifts and Handmade pieces. 
Why Shop With Sweet Organics and Naturals
They look for companies that not only offer quality, but are kind to animals, people and our planet so you don’t have to! They support the environment and each other by offering:
• Tree free wrapping papers and greeting cards that are as beautiful as they are eco-friendly.
• Exquisite artisan created sustainable cards and journals.
• Artisan created jewelry that hasn’t forgotten fashion or our planet.
• Luxurious handcrafted body products to nourish our bodies while titillating our senses.
• They look for small USA companies that offer superior quality environmentally friendly products that you don’t see everywhere.
• They look for companies that use ingredients that are made in the USA, fair trade or healthy work environment.
• Sweet Organics and Naturals is a small woman owned company supporting other small companies to create beauty and nurturing for our eyes, bodies, minds and world
Sweet Organics and Naturals spreads kindness into the community by donating 5% of their profits to no kill animal shelters like Catman-2 and Animal Haven of Asheville. As well as Autism Speaks 
Who is Sweet Organics and Naturals? 
*She is a mother of a beautiful child who has high functioning autism (HFA/Aspergers)
*A wife and a resident on this beautiful planet we all share. 
*A cat owner & lover of nature. 
She started Sweet Organics and Naturals to help & share with all of the above.
 I was thrilled when Sweet Organics sent me a lovely Gift for Review. A beautiful pair of  Antique Bottle Glass  Earrings.
All of Sweet Organics and Naturals unique jewelry pieces are handmade in the USA!
These beautiful pieces are made from recycled or fair trade silver, recycled glass or untreated fair trade beads and semi-precious gem stones!
The artists adhere to values that contribute to a stronger and healthier global community whenever possible. These are definately modern twists on antique bottle glass history!
I was sent a great pair of Antique Bottle Glass Earrings, a cool new twist on cold cream jars!
Originally manufactured for Noxzema, Milk of Magnesia, Vick's Vap-O-Rub, Bromo Seltzer jars, these broken pieces of deep blue glass are reclaimed from old glass dumps in wooded habitats and rural farmlands and given a makeover of their own!
After being hand cut and carefully smoothed, each piece is drilled and wrapped in pure sterling. Due to the nature of antique glass and each piece being hand worked, there will be differences in waves, bubbles, and hues. Each piece comes with "The Story of the Glass" detailing the history of your piece of glass making each a true conversation piece!
The glass measures 1/4" in width x 1" in length. Each hangs from sterling silver French wires and has a total hang length of approx 1 1/2".
Handmade in the USA!Made into Beautiful Hand Crafted Glass Jewelry Found in glass dumps of Amish Country in PA...Handcrafted in the USA! 
Retail price: $40.00
Sale price: $34.00
To Purchase any of the above mention products visit:
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Eco-Friendly...Exceptional Quality...Sweet Organics and Naturals™!

 Thank you Sweet Organics And Naturals for the awesome Reveiw opportunity.

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