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Sunday, February 7, 2010

It is going to be a big month so stay tuned!

 Somedays it is so much fun to wait for the postman. Now with email I can open them to and get surprises. This picture is just a clue to the great Review and Giveaway coming out this week. It is only one of a few that opened my eyes wide when I read them.
Check Out Misikko and see what you think might be in store and aim high, clue:even Stephen Voudouris has put his hairstyling brilliance into this giveaway. 
And then there is the old adage that small things come in a big box. Well with WysiWipes there is no box required but it clean up a massive mess with a wipe the size of a Tums to start.
But what you are all wondering is how is that a big prize.
Heres a hint!
Who needs a break?

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