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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Smart Eating

Ok I was watching TV and could not help but to start laughing when a commercial came on for smart bite. I write alot of reviews for things I like but this one was a true yuk.  I didn't stop laughing till it was over and then it came back to gut wrenching laughter when I saw the three payments of $175. Is the world gone mad?
The whole jist of this product, so you truly understand this great commercial I saw, is that you put this mouth insert in, it makes your mouth smaller, you eat less, you lose weight! At first I thought maybe it was Mad TV but no.
So who else is a believer? Let us know what you think, would a smaller mouth help you eat less??


  1. Woah - that is crazy! Maybe it's so frustrating to use you don't want to eat anymore?

  2. Please tell me you mean 3 payments of $1.75! Oh, my. Just, um, take smaller bites. I'm going to bed feeling very superior tonight. We don't have tv, so I never get to see this stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That's fantastic! I wonder how much I could sell duct tape for as a weight-loss tool. Just put a piece over your mouth to reduce food intake!! I'm going to go look on youtube for this.

  4. Okay, not on youtube but here's the site: http://www.smartbite.ca/home

    Absolutely hysterical!! It is 3 payments of $175 but the fitting and shipping are free. Heck of a deal, really...

  5. w..o..w..

    Just wow.

    The scary part? Someone will buy that crap. yeeeek!