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Thursday, January 7, 2010

H2O Naturals - Violetta's Garden Review and Giveaway -Ends Feb 23, 2010

H2O Naturals  
H2o-naturals is a division of Z-Distribution, Inc, a company that was created by Zsolt Tapaszto, Optom. FAAO, an optometrist with more 20 years of experience. When his wife began to complain of puffiness in the morning followed by dry eyes later in the day, they decided to investigate the cause. What they found was very interesting: As an avid fan of cosmetics, his wife used eye creams faithfully every night, then gels promising to get rid of puffiness every morning. She did experience some stinging and itching with some products she tried. Dr. Tapaszto decided to see if chemicals in the creams and gels were actually the root of the both problems. He believed that the puffy, swollen eyes his wife was experiencing in the morning was probably caused by an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the eye cream. The diuretic effect of the gels used during the day contributed to the dry eyes later on.

He then decided to try a completely natural formulation. He got together a wonderful research scientist, biologist, and proponent of natural and organic cosmetics in Hungary and they formulated the first two products in the Violetta's Garden line: Ginkgo Anti-Ageing Eye Contour Cream and Herbal Eye Contour Cream and Mask. The first time his wife used the Ginkgo Anti-Ageing Eye Contour Cream was the first time she woke up with absolutely no puffiness at all! She did not even have to try the Herbal Eye Contour Cream and Mask.
The trio created a complete line of facial cosmetics that became the Violetta's Garden line. All of the cosmetics are made using only natural ingredients, containing organic ingredients, with absolutely no chemicals or synthetic preservatives and are never tested on animals.
H2o-naturals also includes the Healing Springs line of products made with unique medicinal mineral waters, rich in naturally occurring minerals and trace elements, from 

Hungary. These waters have been used for centuries to help regenerate joints, heal and regenerate skin, and cure various other ailments. Although not natural cosmetics.

I was thrilled when Orsolya sent me some products from Violettas Garden products
Review. Violetta’s Garden is a range of exclusive hand-made natural cosmetics with 
organic ingredients. 
Their cosmetics are all made in small batches to ensure freshness.
They contain unique botanical extracts specially chosen to solve specific skin problems.
The majority of their ingredients are sourced from certified organic farms and

none of their products are tested on animals.
No ionizing radiation is used. Their cosmetics are manufactured according to the German natural products standards.
None of their products contain:
o   Mineral oils and waxes
o   Artificial colors
o   Artificial fragrances
o   Parabens
o   EDTA
o   Sodium laureth sulfate
o   Propylene glycol or butylene glycol
o   GMO ingredients
o   Ingredients of animal origin – with the exception of bees wax and honey (except wrinkle serum - see below)
o   Chemical sunscreens
Note to vegetarians/ vegans: Most of their products are free from all ingredients of animal origin. Some products do contain honey or beeswax. This is always clearly listed.

 The Ecinacea Oil free Hydrating Gel is a special daily hydrating gel with hydrating, 
anti-ageing ingredients as well as active ingredients to improve skin's natural resistance.
Evening primrose oil containing essential fatty acids, fast absorbing macadamia nut and 
sesame oils nourish skin. Vitamins A, C and E, and extracts of rosehip and sea buckhorn 
provide a strong anti-oxidant effect by fighting free radicals. 
Hyaluronic acid ensures hydration to imporove theapprearance of fine 
lines and wrinkles. I really like how this goes on your face. Very smooth 
and light it leaves your skin feeling great. Not oily this is great for skin
that is combined like mine. This a great moisturizer for
day use. The light fragrance makes this very natural.
Purple coneflower extract,tangerine and eucalyptus, essential oils have 
antiviral properties and help protect against 
verrucas. Contains natural sun protection pigments to provide moderat 
protection from 
sun damage. 
This wonderful Cream: 
  • For normal to oily skin
  •     Provides lasting hydration
  •     Contains anti-ageing ingredients
  •     Protects skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure
  •     Contains anti-oxidant vitamins
  •     Safe for those sensitive to apicultural products (e.g. honey)
  •     30 mL = 1 oz
Eyes are the focal point of your face. They also reveal a lot about you and your habits: too little sleep? too much sleep? like to sleep with your face in the pillow? Yup, it's all there!
So what can you do?
They have two great products you might like to try:

If you are bothered by puffiness and dark circles, you might want to try their Herbal Eye Contour Gel-Cream and Mask.
Fine lines? Try the Ginkgo Anti-Ageing Eye Contour Cream! I was sent some for review and I have to say this is my real favorite.  
Being over 30 now I do notice those wrinkles setting in and developing a lot more character. {ouch} So right now I am totally into eye creams, as you know it is never too late to start to improve your skin especially around the eyes. I like good habits and using this cream is a good habit to get into. It goes on super smooth, light, creamy and absorbs well making your face feel great around the sensitive eye area.

This is a great, fast absorbing cream that helps firm and tone the skin and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can use it under make-up too! It nourishes with sesame and evening primrose oil, shea butter and hydrolyzed almond milk. Extracts of ginseng, ginkgo, hen & chicks plant, purple coneflower, cilantro, sage, eyebright, grape and sea buckthorn oil, plus a cocktail of anti-oxidant vitamins (B3, B5, C, E, Coenzyme Q10) and minerals make this a powerful cream to help protect from harmful environmental effects, tone and renew skin to make it (and you) look younger.
This Eye Cream is:

  •  For all skin types
  •   Minimizes the appearance of fine lines
  •   Moisturizes and tones delicate eye area
  •   Helps promote collagen and elastin biosynthesis and regenerate the eye area
  •   Tightens and revitalizes skin
  • Protects skin from harmful environmental effects
  •    15 mL = 0.5 oz
Not sure what will work best for you? Order samples! Both of my products from Violettas Garden are wonderful to have. If your not sure about a certain product and do not want to purchase a full size bottle. Violettas Garden has wonderful sample sizes that you can send for as well. I was sent a few of these nice little samples. I was sent samples of the Fenugreek Anti-Aging Cream Concentrate and a sample of the Purifying Moisturizing Gel {p.s this gel is super good for the odd blemish you may still happen to get- like me. Just a dab and it really works well}. There is enough to get a great idea how wonderful the products are.

 ~The Giveaway~
H2O Naturals is generously giving 3 Today's Diva Entrants a wonderful skin 
care package one each for the different skin types, include cleanser, toner and 
moisturizer, plus a couple of samples of other products like night cream. 
Oily skin: Lemon Balm-Mint Cleanser + Yellow Sweet Clover Toner + 
Echinacea gel  plus sample of Rosehip Gel, Sour Cherry Night Cream, 
Fenugreek Anti-Ageing Cream Concentrate
Normal skin: Hawthorn Cleansing Lotion + Blackthorn Flower Toner + Green 
Tea Protective Moisturizer plus sample of Rosehip Gel, Sour Cherry Night 
Cream, Fenugreek Anti-Ageing Cream ConcentrateDry Skin: Hawthorn Cleaning Lotion 
+ Blackthorn Flower Toner + Passion 
Flower Deep Moisturizing Cream, plus sample of Sea Buckthorn 
Revitalizing Night Cream, Fenugreek Anti-Ageing Cream Concentrate, 
Ginkgo Eye Cream
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Thank you H2O Naturals for the wonderful review opportunity and for sponsoring this Giveaway at Today's Diva