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Monday, December 7, 2009

Snorg Tees Funny T-Shirt Sweepstakes at Organicgirl.ca

With my hubby it takes a lot of Tshirts to make it through the year. With the children older now he has to keep it fairly clean, at school where he attends they are strict about what the T's say. He found a great one at Snorg Tees to review and was very happy with how it fit and washed. If they shrink too much or fit weird he will never wear them again so I was impressed that the Snorg Tee fit so well even coming out of the wash a few times.

At Snorg, they specialize in pop-culture inspired, random, and all around funny t-shirt designs. Most of the designs on their site and are SnorgTees employee creations. But while they think of about 72% of what goes up on the site, 28% of the awesome design ideas come from you, their customers. So if you think you've got a great idea, send it their Way!! SnorgTees got its start back in May 2004 when a group of friends decided that we weren't meant for a real jobs. They got their options narrowed down to international jewel thieves or internet t-shirt tycoons. Since it was the middle of the summer, and they weren't able to find enough ski masks,  left t-shirts as their only option. Fast forward a few years and they have grown to become a well known company making the funniest of funny T-shirts. 

My guys cracked up when they saw this one and I of course was unaware why it is so special. I of course made the mistake of asking what it means... should have learned better by now. Click on it to see the wonderful place it comes from and yes it is clean. (the 1 minute clip, not the whole show by any means)

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